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5 ways to improve your UX Design interview skills

5 ways to improve your UX Design interview skills

1. Research who you’re interviewing with

This is good for several reasons. Firstly, I found it settling to know how everyone I was going to interview with looked. Going into an interview is so nerve-wracking, that removing any element of surprise possible helps quell my nerves.

  • Tell us about yourself?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

2. Write a script

You want to be careful with this one.

I write scripts and re-read them without trying to memorize what I wrote. Knowing it without being able to exactly recite it, is the sweet spot.

There is so much information going into UX interviews that you’ll need to know. Information on the company, who you’re interviewing with, your process, and your case studies. It’s hard to have all that information in your head at the same time without losing any of it. Scripts help you know what you need to say, remain confident, and remind you of anything you might miss.

3. Re-read the job application

This is important to any job interview you’re doing in any field. But, re-read the job application.

4. Do some research on the company

Along with knowing what they’re looking for in a specific candidate, you should know about the company. I’ve been asked, “So do you know a bit about us and what we do here?” in every interview I’ve done to date.

5. Mock interviews

Play pretend with your friends (or mentors). Do some practice interviews. Interviewing is a skill that’s hard to improve on since they can be few and far between. When you can’t get real interviews, practice with the people in your life.

5.5 Apply for jobs you don’t want

This is another method of getting interview practice. While not all design jobs are made equal, there is an overlap in the type of questions that you’ll hear across most interviews. Having the experience of interviewing, even if for a job you’re not interested in, is valuable.

Remember to decompress

Interviewing can be exhausting and time-consuming. After each one remember to celebrate or relax, in whatever way feels best to you. Take some time to forget about it all, and return to who you are outside of your job. Remember, there are 24 hours in a day, we only work for 8.

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